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New Pricing Tiers on 38-400 White Lotion Pumps

New Pricing Tiers On 38-400 White Lotion Pumps

 White Lotion Pumps

What a mess! 

If you’re like us, everywhere you go these days, you’re using hand sanitizer. Most of the time, I try to use the bottles provided near a store or restaurant’s point of sale. If they’ve sported for a half gallon or gallon container, they usually have an industrial White Lotion Pump that deposits far too much sanitizer in your hands. Most of these industrial pumps are calibrated to deliver 30 cc (1 oz.) of material. Why? Because they’re made for industrial purposes. They’re built to last and deliver 1 oz. of material reliably for years. 

Guess what? 

So are Porter Bottle Company’s 38-400 White Lotion Pumps, only we’ve manufactured them to deliver 4 cc (.13 oz) per pump. That’s just enough shampoo, lotion, hand sanitizer, or other products to fill the palm of your hand. Less mess while stretching your product. And to help you save, they’re on sale for the next few weeks. Call our sales office at 313-496-0550 for more information.

Stay safe and be well! 

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