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Metal Caps With Plastisol Liners

Metal Caps With Plastisol Liners for bottles and jars are available in a variety of colors and liners.  Metal Caps are a popular packaging choice. We offer a wide selection of screw caps for our containers. Our Metal Screw Caps are a quality option for your product.

These caps offer style and excellent sealing properties for extended shelf life to your product. The Continuous Thread (CT) Metal Cap is distinguished by a spiral thread.
Plastisol Lined CT Closures are widely used for Hot Filled Food Products.

They are compatible with vacuum  packing applications and available in a wide range of diameters and heights.

Liner Types:

Choosing the liner type and style is one of the most important factors of a Metal Closure selection and is critical to ensuring the freshness and viability of your product.
The liner is a round piece of material that sits between the cap and the container.
Its primary function is to offer proper sealing of the product and often times it determines the Metal Cap’s fit and functionality.
Since the liner facing is in direct contact with the product, the compatibility is critical.  Liners will help ensure shelf life performance and stop leakage of the product.

Available Stock Liners:

  • Plastisol Liner (polyethylene foam)
  • Pulp/Poly
  • Pulp/Aluminum
  • Pressure Sensitive

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